Export regulation statement

Any partner certification status displayed in the SELECT Certification Centre (SCC) will not automatically result in any right to buy and sell Fujitsu products. The partner is advised to contact the local Fujitsu office in his country or territory and ask for an official SELECT Partner Agreement to be signed, further defining the processes and rules of any business interaction.

Furthermore, any certification status displayed in the SCC will only be applicable for the country which the reseller is located in, or which has been defined in the signed official SELECT Partner Agreement.

For any business conducted as certified partner, the partner explicitly must adhere to existing export regulations at all times. For any products purchased from Fujitsu or from one of Fujitsu's official distributors and resold by the partner, the partner is obliged to obtain all permits and licenses which are required because of local legislation and/or US Export Administration Regulations or in accordance with the law of any other country that is affected by or regulates such export transactions.


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